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Garry’s Mod (GMOD)

What Is Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod (GMOD) Is a physics based sandbox game released on December 24, 2004 created by Garry Newman.

There Is no set game mode or goals to achieve. You can spawn objects, create contraptions and buildings, or create an entire custom game mode based on your own rules. The possibilities are endless.

Garry’s Mod Game Modes

While there Is no set objective In the standard sandbox of Garry’s Mod, the community has created and released their own game modes. Some of the most popular game modes are below.


gmod deathrun

Garry’s Mod Deathrun (GMOD Deathrun) Is a game mode where there are two teams. Essentially team 1 are the runners, and team 2 are the trappers. The runners objective Is to make It past all the traps and contraptions to the end. The trappers objective Is to properly time the release of traps to knock the runners out of the game.


gmod darkrp

Garry’s Mod DarkRP (GMOD DarkRP) Is a game mode where you simulate “real life”. You can choose to be a Police Officer, citizen, robber, thief, store owner, and more. You pick your role, and role play as If you were what you picked.



Prop Hunt

gmod prophunt

Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt (GMOD Prop Hunt)Is a game mode where there are two teams. The “Props” and the “Hunters”. The Props can transform Into any object In the map and must hide. The hunters must try to find the props and destroy them all before the time runs out.


There are literally hundreds of other community created Game Modes you can choose from.

Garry’s Mod Player Stats

Garry’s Mod (GMOD) Has an average of 26,633 players online at any given time.

gmod stats

Garry’s Mod Textures

A common problem people face Is texture Issues In Garry’s Mod. What’s actually causing this Is not having the CSS Textures (Counter Strike Source Textures). GMOD Runs on the Source Engine, therefor can take advantage of custom textures from any source game. FragBoss actually has a GMOD Textures fix so you can play the game to It’s fullest potential.


The Future

As GMOD continues to advance and develop, we will update this page.

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